Nyfter® Nyf Board Gaming Keyboard 84K


Exactly what you need: Compact in 84K layout
Play like the Pros: Low latency and high-precision keystroke
Hot-swappable and mechanical - adapt keycaps and switches to you!
Strong RGB lighting for aesthetic setups
Completely configurable with free, comprehensive software

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eSportler setzen auf unser Gear - spiel wie die Pros!

<tc>eSports ready</tc>

<tc>Play like the pros</tc>

Stable high-performance in a compact case. You'll feel the precision with every keystroke.

Optimal keystroke

The mechanical keyboard comes with linear Gateron Yellow switches. So every spell fits and long gaming sessions are easy to handle.

Hot swappable and tool kit included

Adapt the keyboard to you without soldering. The scope of delivery includes keycap and switch pullers. Upgrade or install fresh switches in no time.

Cockpit for your game

Extensive software

In the free software you can customize everything from the LEDs to the key assignments to macros.

download software

QWERTZ keymap

The keymap is chosen so that it is compatible to US keycaps and still contains all German keys.

Technical specifications

Switch Linear Gateron Yellow - Hot-Swappable
LEDs Backlight and Key Translucent
Layout ANSI DE - 84K 75% Layout
connection USB-C
cable 1.5m Braided USB-C to USB
Warranty 1 year
WEEE reg. no. according to ElektroG DE28054784
Keycap Material High quality ABS
Settings Shortcuts or software
PCB socket 3-pin north facing (5-pin compatible)
Anti-ghosting 100%
N key rollover 84
length 320mm
width 132mm
height 30mm
weight 640g


Which switches are installed by default?

The keyboard comes with Linear Gateron Yellow Switches, but the full layout is hot-swappable.

Can I customize the lighting?

The lighting can be individually adjusted using a key combination and software.

Can I mod the keyboard?

The Nyf board is mechanical and hot-swappable, which means you can swap keycaps and switches with the tool provided.

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