Nyfter® Nyf 22 Wireless Gaming Mouse


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Konfiguriere Deine Gaming Maus
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Each additional color comes as a full set.

Assemble your mouse in the configurator. Black top covers and honeycomb and solid style buttons are included with every order. A whole set is supplied for each additional color. The colors selected in the configurator are added to the shopping cart as a set. You can order more colors here .

Pure precision: no lag, 1:1 tracking and easy handling
Experience performance like eSports pros
Quickly and easily convert without tools
Free, extensive software

14 days right of return & 1 year warranty

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Nyfter presents

2.4GHz high speed

Faster and more flexible

One step ahead of the opponent with minimized reaction time and 72g-light, symmetrical shape. Fully charge the mouse in an hour!

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Make her your mouse

Gaming has never been so individual. Fit the Nyf 22 exactly to you and your playstyle. Switches, click feeling and top cover can be exchanged without tools.

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Your style matters

Pass the color of the Nyf-22 to you an in no time at all. Experience over 6500 combinations!

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Hot swappable

You can replace your switches without tools. This means that the Nyf 22 can not only be adapted exactly to your needs, but it also gains in durability. Choose between sleek Huano, spammable Omron or clicky Kalih switches.

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high performance

Esports Ready

The powerful PAW3370 allows up to 19K DPI, 400 IPS and 50G acceleration. The error-free sensor technology is suitable for intensive games and highest precision.

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Become the Aim God

With the button spacers , the deduction point of the buttons adjusts to you!

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100% PTFE skates

With the virgin-grade, rounded PTFE skates glide you effortlessly over your mouse pad.

With the right settings for Win

With the free software you can adjust DPI and lighting, but also polling rate, LOD and double-clicking time. In addition, you can create macros.

Download software for free

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Technical specifications

Instruction Manual Video Guide
Switch Huano 20M, hot swappable
LEDs Logo + Backstripe
keys 6 programmable
Grip Types all
cable Wireless + 1.9m Paracord
Warranty 14 days + 1 year
WEEE reg. no. according to ElektroG DE28054784
Sensor PAW 3370 Pixart
DPI 0-19000
IPS 400
sample rate 1000hz
Lift-off Distance 0.7mm
length 125mm
width 63.5mm
height 40mm
weight 72g Honeycomb, 75g Solid
Battery 400mA, 50h office time


Which switches should I choose?

Switches depend on your taste. Huano (20M clicks) are the most tactile. With Omron (50M clicks) even faster action is possible. Kalih (80M clicks) combine the benefits of both switches.

Can I get the buttons and top cover in solid and honeycomb?

There are always black buttons and top covers in both solid and honeycomb styles. A complete set of the corresponding color is supplied for each additional colour.

Can Solid be combined with Honeycomb?

Even if this is not possible in the configurator, solid and honeycomb can be combined.

Is there a software?

Yes, the free software can be downloaded here.

How long does the battery last?

Depending on usage, the battery lasts up to 50 hours and can be fully charged in about 1 hour.

Is there a guarantee?

The Nyf 22 comes with a 14-day return policy and a 1-year warranty. In addition, the mouse is designed in such a way that switches, for example, can be easily replaced.

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