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as-base as-ny0008-main-color Nyfpad Control
Nyfpad Control
Sale price€29,99

2 colors available

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Nyfpad Falcon "glass-infused" Nyfpad Falcon "glass-infused"
Nyfpad Falcon "glass-infused"
Sale price€34,99 Regular price€44,99
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Nyfter Nyf® Glas Mousepad Nyfter Nyf® Glas Mousepad
Nyfter Nyf® Glas Mousepad
Sale price€94,99 Regular price€99,99

About our gaming mousepads

Gaming mouse pads with design

Our community loves the Nyfter XXL Gaming Mousepad for two reasons: high quality & awesome design. When it comes to the size of the gaming mousepads, we went with the dimensions 900x500 and 1200x600 so that the large mousepads can be used as a desk mat on the desk. There is something in the design for everyone. We don't care whether it's a mouse pad or a mouse pad, we have the entire selection.