Wir heißen Acend willkommen!

We welcome Acend!

Nyfter is a sponsor of the current Valorant world champion and PUBG D/A/CH champion Acend.
Nyfter ist Partner der PUBG D/A/CH Meisterschaft 2022

Nyfter is a partner of the PUBG D/A/CH Championship 2022

Since we have our roots in eSports, our goal from the start was to also expand into eSports with Nyfter. We have achieved this with the partnership with the official PUBG D/A/CH Championship 2022....
Die XXL Nyfpads sind wieder da!

The XXL Nyfpads are back!

The long wait for the XXL gaming mouse pads is over. On Monday, May 2nd the XXL Nyfpads have finally arrived. The presales orders were all packed on the same day, as we promised. Everything was ...
Oster-Sale! Pünktlich zu Ostern auf deinem Tisch

Easter sale! On your table just in time for Easter

Are you still looking for an Easter gift for a real gamer? Not only does the advance sale for the XXL Nyfpads start tomorrow, but our Easter discount campaign for the Nyf-20 gaming mouse and the...
Vorverkauf für die XXL Nyfpads startet in 3 Tagen !!!

Advance sales for the XXL Nyfpads start in 3 days!!!

Easter is approaching and so is the pre-sale for our XXL gaming mousepads! On April 11th Our pre-sale for the XXL Nyfpads in the following colors will start at 6:00 p.m .: Black-and-white Pu...
Mit der 20-20-20 Regel die Augen beim Gaming schützen

Protect your eyes while gaming with the 20-20-20 rule

Regular eye pain while gaming can be avoided Many gamers are familiar with the problem, which also plagues people who work in front of the screen for long periods of time. After a few hours or aft...
XXL Nyfpads ausverkauft! Wann kommen die neuen Farben?

XXL Nyfpads sold out! When are the new colors coming?

What a start to the new year!! On January 10th, 2022, our largest delivery of XXL Nyfpads to date arrived. In the weeks that followed we stood there all day and packed your orders. Within 3 ½ weeks...
Wird es ein Computerspiel von Nyfter geben?

Will there be a Nyfter computer game?

When Nyfter was founded, it was immediately clear that Nyfter should be designed together with the community as much as possible, because without the community we wouldn't be where we are now. We ...
Der Vorteil eines Gaming Mouse Bungees!

The Advantage of a Gaming Mouse Bungee!

The eternal discussion of whether wireless or wired mice are superior doesn't seem to decide. While wireless mice have caught up massively in terms of latency and battery life, wired mice can also ...