Gaming Grounds berichtet über die Geschichte von Nyfter

Gaming Grounds reports on the history of Nyfter

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Almost 5 months ago we posted one of our most viral videos to date, in which we expressed our goal of becoming one of the best-known German gaming brands.

Since then we have built up a community of almost 240,000 followers and received a lot of attention.

In September we were contacted by the German gaming magazine “Gaming Ground”. The intention was to write an article about the history of Nyfter.

After several discussions, the report is finally ready and readable :)

We are very happy that more and more people are becoming aware of Nyfter and are interested in our story. Of course, our community plays a major role in this.

You can read the article here!

An interview with Gaming Grounds will follow in the near future.

Thank you for your support

Your Nyfter team
Alex & Christof