What does Lift Off Distance mean for a gaming mouse? We explain it to you!

Lift Off Distance explained for gaming mice!

The term Lift Off Distance is unfamiliar to most gamers, but it is an important factor when choosing a gaming mouse. In this article, the Lift Off Distance is explained in a comprehensible way.

Lift Off Distance (LOD) describes the point when you lift your gaming mouse and the sensor stops transmitting a signal to your computer. A low LOD is desirable for gaming and very important for gamers with low sensitivity or DPI. It often happens that you have to reposition your mouse and precisely for this purpose the transmission signal of the movements has to be interrupted.

Conventional mice have a LOD of several centimeters, which I find simply unsuitable for gaming. Good gaming mice are characterized by a LOD of less than one centimetre.


When buying a gaming mouse, pay attention to a low lift off distance.