Gaming mouse: wired or wireless? And what is a paracord cable?

Do you recommend a wired or wireless gaming mouse? And what do paracord cables change about it?

Opinions are divided on wired versus wireless mice. Both factions have advantages and disadvantages and a following to match. While some of the disadvantages of the wireless mouse have been compensated for by technical developments, the paracord cable brings new hope for cable "fans". More on this in the following article.

The wired gaming mouse

A gaming mouse with a cable is connected to the computer via a USB port and thus has a fast transmission. In addition, the energy is transmitted via cable, which means that the weight is not increased by the rechargeable battery and batteries. However, the cable must also be robust, sufficiently long and flexible.

What should I look out for with a wired gaming mouse?

First of all, it is important that the cable is long enough. Common cables affect handling if they are stretched too much or get caught on objects on the desk. You should also have sufficient USB ports available on your PC or laptop. In order for the cable to last, you should avoid cable twists and knots. Of course, a quality mouse cable is sturdier and likely more durable than a cheaper mouse cable.

The wireless gaming mouse

Wireless gaming mice are characterized by increased flexibility. You can store the gaming mouse more easily and are not dependent on the length of the cable. Instead of using a cable, the mouse communicates via one of several wireless interfaces. With current gaming mice, the problem of an increase in response time hardly exists anymore. The disadvantage, however, is that rechargeable batteries and batteries do not last indefinitely. Pay attention to the charge level, otherwise the mouse may leave you in an important situation.

What should I look out for in a wireless gaming mouse?

The technical components should be of high quality and the battery should be durable. Also pay attention to the weight of the mouse if you have certain preferences. The wireless technology is usually a little more expensive than the wired counterpart.

And what is a gaming mouse with a paracord cable?

The paracord cable is an upgrade of traditional gaming mouse cables. Instead of a lightly rubberized cover, the cable is covered with a very light fabric cover. This gives it flexibility comparable to wireless mice. At the same time, all the advantages of the cable remain. The comparison is visible in the following video:


The technical differences between wired and wireless gaming mice are becoming smaller and smaller. Therefore, personal preference is often decisive. Paracord cables, such as the Nyf-20, are the best compromise to combine the benefits of both sides.