VNP Summer Cup Open Qualifier

VNP Summer Cup Open Qualifiers

The VNP Summer Cup Open Qualifier is over.

The Valorant tournament "VNP Summer CUP" had an open qualifier last weekend. The tournament is organized by Nyfter and Pl4zma, two gaming companies that both have a strong connection to Valorant. The entire event was provided with a prize pool of €2000, most of which was in the main event on July 10th and 11th. is poured out.

More than 70 teams took part in the Open Qualifier and the 8 qualifiers for the Main Event were played out in the course of the afternoon. At the main event, the field of participants of the now 8 qualifiers will be supplemented by 8 more teams, which are set as "influencer teams".

Vouchers were distributed as prizes for the Open Qualifier in addition to qualifying for the Main Event. In addition to cash prizes, prizes in kind from Nyfter and Pl4zma can also be won in the Main Event. For example bundles of Nyf-20 Gaming Mouse, Nyfpad (Gaming Mousepad) and Griptape or the Pl4zma Starterkit.

The Open Qualifier tournament tree can be found at