Von einer Gaming Maus zum blauen Haken auf TikTok

From a gaming mouse to the blue tick on TikTok

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About 7 months ago we uploaded the first TikTok, 15 million views, 1.5 million likes and 145 thousand followers later we got the blue tick.

From an eSports organization to your own gaming mouse

Our first video told the story of our journey from being an eSports organization to launching our own gaming mouse. We were able to quickly gain our first followers and discovered that we feel very comfortable on the TikTok platform.
With the growth on TikTok, a community formed around Nyfter that actively gives feedback and is interested in helping to shape the brand. We now involve the community in production processes and design issues. This is how the first Nyfpad (Nyfter Mousepad) designs were created with the community and decisions were also made by voting for the XL Nyfpad designs.

With the blue tick, the official verification, on TikTok, we have reached another milestone together with the Nyfter community and would like to thank everyone who supports us on our way.