Vorverkauf für die XXL Nyfpads startet in 3 Tagen !!!

Advance sales for the XXL Nyfpads start in 3 days!!!

Easter is approaching and so is the pre-sale for our XXL gaming mousepads!

On April 11th Our pre-sale for the XXL Nyfpads in the following colors will start at 6:00 p.m .:

  • Black-and-white
  • Purple-white
  • Red Blue
  • Black
  • Red Black
  • Yellow black
  • Blue White

We have received a lot of messages saying that the mouse pads are wanted as an Easter gift, so we are offering optional vouchers for pre-sales that are sent online.

The presale will take place here: https://nyfter.com/products/xxl-nyfpad

When will the gaming mousepad order be delivered?

The mouse pads are scheduled to arrive at the end of week 16 or beginning of week 17 and will then be packaged directly by us and shipped as quickly as possible.

Due to the current Corona situation and the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the ports are overloaded and understaffed. This may result in the delivery time being postponed. We will announce the latest news on our social media channels in a timely manner.

We are happy to finally have our XXL Nyfpads with the new colors :)